Nostalgia Goggles


I was never a fan of Superman. I know, weird right? A nerd who doesn’t like the greatest superhero in the world? Well, to be honest, I wasn’t into a lot of comics or superheros as a kid. I had a few issues of Batman, X-Men, and some other stuff, but I wasn’t rooted in the sub-culture of comics then, and certainly didn’t idolize them to any real extent. I don’t remember why. I was more into Hot Wheels and toy trucks, I guess. Then I got into science fiction, Star Trek, and Legos in my tens, but video games eclipsed all of those entirely, and ended up dominating what could have been used for comics. So I guess I don’t fit into this conversation.

But you know, when it comes to Hollywood and movies, I’m never a real fan of them. When Marvel started spinning its wheels on its properties with X-Men, I thought it’d be pretty cool to get a movie akin to my nostalgia of comics and cartoons, but it played out much differently. It wasn’t wrong, but I wasn’t the right audience. I’m not a hardcore-follower of the source material, I had no idea there was shit before the material in the 90’s comics. I had to adjust my worldview of everything, and that trend continued as Hollywood continued to tear down and rebuild every iconic franchise for those “hungry new viewers”. I finally had it with Star Trek being disassembled and reassembled by every “new” nerd’s golden boy, J.J Abrams. I’m unapologetic in my like for Deep Space Nine and Voyager. I could give a fuck less about TOS and everything from that period. Not saying it was bad, TOS was good in its own way, but I prefer modern Trek. Sorry, super-nerds. To me, the characters from Trek don’t even matter. When I used to “play” Trek as a kid, I was whoever I wanted to be. Captain, Commander, Engineer, Security, I commanded ships, ran around the yard shooting things with phasers, whatever I wanted. To me, it wasn’t about the characters, it was about the universe. That’s all that mattered to me. Abrams had one mission with Trek, to reboot the universe, and instead, he just plopped old characters we all knew in order to sell them off to “new” audiences who don’t give a shit, because space exploration has been dead since 9/11. They’re fine with shoot-em-up-bad-guy-laden-special-effects-nonesense because why would they want to care about exploring space, encountering new alien life, or anything that made the original shows iconic in the first place?

It’s probably better people hold on to their dreams and ideas of the past. They’re far easier to remember untainted than allowing people with no business interpreting them to hold on to them for any period of time.

But hey, since we’re talking about Superman, remember Lois and Clark? I remember John Shea coming into Highland Park in Suffield once, I guess his kid went to Suffield Academy across the street? That was cool, right?


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