Battlestation Evolution

I was linked to a reddit thread earlier depicting terrible computer or game setups, known to /v/ and reddit as “battlestations.” It amused me far more than it should, especially considering I’ve often slung together some pretty impressive setups before, but unfortunately didn’t take pictures of them all. But in an effort to put together every known image I could find depicting my battlestations over the years, we get this two part PNG.



The first image was from my bedroom in Indiana and would be roughly 1997-1998. I have a small handful of pictures left from an old Sony camera we had that took pictures to floppy disks, and that was among them. I have no known images of my desk when we first moved to Connecticut, when I got my first computer. If I come across physical photos of that maybe I’ll scan and add them. I’m also missing some gaps from when I lost HD data in 2006 that contained some photos from 2000-2005 that were not backed up on other media, so I lack any of the photos of my setup in Glastonbury after moving back in 2004-2005 except the awesome plastic bin picture, which was right when I moved back and could not set up a desk yet. It’s a rather fun glimpse really, even if it shows that I have probably not matured in the desk decoration department.

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