When I came into this world, I was given a box. The box simply said “Life”.
Nothing was inside the box.
Slowly, over time, I began to fill the box with experiences.
But then upon a certain age, I was handed another box. The box said “Emotions”.
Then another box, labeled “People”.
Then another box, labeled “Places”.
Inside the box called “Life” soon began to contain so many boxes, each full of their own things, or even smaller boxes.
The box called “Life” began to get heavy, weighed down seemingly by life itself.
Pondering how to solve this conundrum, how to move forward, I devised a solution.
I needed a second box.
But not just a second box that would be placed into the first box, I needed another box to sit besides the box.
Up until now, other people have been handing me boxes. How do I create my own box? How do I select what goes in the box?
So I began the arduous task of sorting through all these boxes.
I sorted through “Friends” and placed some in the “Never Talk to Anymore” box.
I cried a little as I placed some “Family” into the “No Longer Here” box.
There were at least twelve things in “Terrible Movies” I got rid of to the “Forgotten” box.
Over many years, I found a system with which to quickly, and efficiently, file each and every thing into its appropriate box.
It was a system like no other.
Until I met someone one day, they too, carrying behind them a pallet of boxes.
A box fell off of the caravan, and I picked it up.
It was labeled “My Future”
And then it occurred to me
I don’t have to just put things in my own boxes
I can put things in someone else’s boxes too
For this world, this existence, is but one large box
That contains all of our boxes marked “Life”
And every smaller box inbetween.

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