It’s a Marathon Not a Sprint

If you’ve found this site because it’s listed as having thrown money at people playing Mario games for charity, then I regret to inform you there are nothing here but words. If you like words, feel free to find them in the appropriate receptacles. Otherwise, you might be more interested in the time I played Mario 64 for the first time, and was bad at it. Or maybe Sonic. Final Fantasy VII? The Remake? I occasionally do stuff.

But if you’re wondering how long I’ve been watching this, I’ve been watching these folks play since Mario Marathon 3 in 2010. You might have seen me by the names “deltax20a”, “Delta”, “Quantumreplay”, and “Equilateral” over the years. My Twitch handle went through a phase. Gold Members remember me as the guy in the Skype call from MM6 in 2013. (Begins at 16:46) Some of you probably follow me on Twitter. I’m just this guy, you know? Nothing particularly special. I don’t know anyone there personally. I did live in their state once, but that was about twenty-one years ago and it’d just be one of those six-degrees sort of things. Like if they know someone who knew someone who knew some people who knew some more who went to Terre Haute South High School in 1998.

I love video games, I love people who play video games, and I love people who play video games and raise money for Child’s Play Charity. I’ve been donating to CP and my local CP affiliate, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, through marathons like this and Extra Life since Child’s Play was founded. Games have helped me throughout my life, and I think they help other people out as well. Especially when you’re holed up in the hospital for a long time.

So if you’d like to use my donation link to give them some money, that’d be neat. If you can’t, just share their socials out to the social of your choice. The event won’t be long this year, but it’s likely they’re going to return for a full event next year, so encourage them to keep this going.

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